Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Yes that's right, you can even eat pizza, without being windy and regretful after. I haven't actually found vegan cheese yet, but I'd love to try that, because I must admit, cheese is the only thing I really miss. I used to eat loads of it, along with lots of milk, and wonder why I had bloated stomach cramps every day of my life. I don't miss the dairy kind of milk at all, in fact I really dislike the taste now. It's soya or nut milk all the way for me now! Anyway, back to the pizza - this one has artichoke heart pieces, green pepper, mushrooms, olives, corn and pineapple. My brother tells me instead of tomato paste, a mix of mashed sweet potato and hummous makes for a delicious pizza base. 
Home made vegan friendly pizza in poncy instagram hipster shot

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