Tuesday, 11 June 2013

To soya or not to soya

I recently went to the London Coffee Festival. I'm rather partial to a Starbucks "Grande Soya Latte" you see, and so I went on search for other coffees from around the world (but really I just wanted to fill myself up with more Starbucks coffee and gossip with my friend). Upon entering this hard-core festival my eyes lit up when I saw the Alpro stand, so like a true fan and ambassador of the brand I ran over there and declared to the staff that I love Alpro soya and I drink it all the time.
However, a couple of weeks ago, my fiance sent a link to videos and articles about how bad soya is for you. It says the process the soya beans goes through makes it toxic to the system. What a blow this was! So we went about purchasing hemp milk, almond milk, rice milk and hazelnut milk. I'm not completely new to these other types of milk, I've tried them all at one point or another because I've been off cow milk since Nov 2007. I even made my own milk from hemp seeds, and it tasted amazing. However, nothing is more convenient AND tasty like soya, and you find soya in so many products, including vegan specific products.
But after reading too many articles from doctors and health professionals and from what I already learnt from documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, I know we have to cut this stuff out. One of the best articles I've read is this one from Natural News. What is says makes sense to me.
I'm now on a voyage to find the 'good' soya milk available in the UK and I'll post about my findings when I, erm, find it. 
alpro soya milk
Is Alpro good or bad soya?

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